teeny tiny clay sculptures captured in a cap

Captinis fitting in with the Spooky crowd. Oh yeah. <awkward high five> ahem.

Halloween Club

Captinis will be at the SPOOK SHOW on February 8!! Come see us. Stay tuned and we will preview some of the caps you will see at the show.
More details at:

Tonga Hut's Tiki Wonderland VIII Sunday December 15th - Tiki Central

Captinis at Tiki Wonderland Today starting at 2pm! List of Vendors and Art Shows here.

Can’t wait to see all the other vendors and spend every dime we may make. “Filthy Midget” is my first stop because…well duh.

Some of the caps you will see at TIKI WONDERLAND tomorrow!!


CAPTINIS! How do I get one of my very own?

How do you get a Captini?

Contact us at: to discuss what you want.

Something you’ve seen on the site or in person?

Something you want to design yourself or an idea we can help you shape into a reality?

We will discuss all the details and when it’s ready we will send you over to to purchase via paypal.

Or if you are Los Angeles local, you can pay at the time of pickup.

Easy Peasy

Still so many Captinis available and many more that have yet to be imagined. If you want yours, let us know! to discuss and to purchase.
Available captinis! to buy